Resonac Powdered Metals America, Inc., is a leading global supplier of precision engineered powdered metal components used in a variety of highly diverse and competitive industries. The company’s product include valve guide inserts, timing system sprockets and pulleys, variable valve timing components, including housings, vanes, rotors and sprockets. Resonac Materials produces high volume-advanced engineered components primarily for the automotive, construction/agriculture, lawn & garden and general purpose engines.

Industries Served

  • Automotive

    Valve Timing Control

    Valve Guide

    Turbocharger    Parts

    Sprockets & Pulleys

    Bearing Caps

    Transmission   Parts

  • Lawn & Garden

    Cylinder Blocks

    Swash Plate

    Valve Guides

  • Construction & Agriculture


  • Motorsports

    Valve Guide

    Primary Driven Gear

    Oil Pump Rotors

  • Resin Parts

Research & Development

Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace – Pressure

Sintering method with SPS is used for the

development of advanced materials.


Tortion Fatigue Tester – Evaluates durability in

revolution by repeating tortion fatigue.


Digital Microscope – Observe surface and

microstructure with good DOF (Depth of Field)

capability and high magnifying power.


SRV Tribological Analyzer – Evaluates lubricants

and materials by measuring coefficient of friction and

wear amount (from room temperature to 750º C.

Engine Bench Tester – Evaluates the durability

of valve train components in an engine simulation

that utilizes specific drive modes.


Valve Seat Wear Tester – Evaluates wear

resistance valve seats in the simulated conditions of

various engines.


Research & Development lab located in Matsudo, Japan

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